Faith Is Not A Virtue Part II: Reason

So yesterday I talked about reasons people hang on to faith. I started with the reason of poor scientific education. Today, it’s time for reason number two:


Like I said yesterday, critical thinking is not generally the natural way our mind works. When we’re trained in the scientific method, however, critical thinking becomes easier. It becomes habit to evaluate ideas based on their objective merit. Asking questions becomes a good thing. Asking for evidence becomes default, and saying “I don’t know” becomes acceptable. Even if the idea in question is religion.

If you don’t know how to think critically, accepting the contradictory claims of the bible (or any other holy book or religion) is much easier. “Because I said so” becomes a valid answer. If the information is from someone sufficiently powerful, it is accepted. An example:

God exists. Why? Because the Bible said so. Why is the Bible a reputable source? Because my parents, my pastor, my teachers told me. Why should I believe them? Because I trust them. Bam. End of discussion.

The key here, of course, is stomping out the urge to ask why before we get too old. Any 6-year-old could disprove the existence of god if we would just answer the damn questions. Asking why is natural, but so is trusting people. If children didn’t trust and believe their parents, we’d have died out by now. And so skepticism dies by the hand of safety.

If you can revive that skepticism, though, fallacies become obvious. The bible says god is love, but he commanded his people to commit genocide and mass rape when the Israelites invaded Canaan. He is compassionate, but he commanded his people to bash babies’ heads against rocks. And when they didn’t kill everything, he was pissed. But that’s not even the biggest problem! If god is perfect, why did he make something that was capable of fucking itself over so badly? Why did he give Adam and Eve the capability to sin? If he’s omnipotent, why wasn’t there a less horrific solution to the problem of sin than to have billions of people (and guiltless animals) suffer and die and go to hell? Why did he have to send his son/himself to suffer horribly and die (temporarily) and then leave no evidence behind? In short, what kind of sick fuck is god? Better question: Why the hell would you want to worship this psychopath?

Oh yeah, that’s right: If you don’t, you go to hell. Yep, god is most certainly love.

TOMORROW: Faith Is Not A Virtue Part III: Fear

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