The world is ending. Again.

Guess when Jesus is coming back? Ronald Weinland says May 27, 2012. But for realz this time. Srsly.

Ronald Weinland, who considers himself a prophet of God, continues to warn that Jesus Christ is returning on May 27, 2012.

For those who do not believe him and mock his message, Weinland claims thatthey will die from cancer.

Well, that’s specific. At least he didn’t say that we’re going to get cancer, because everyone gets cancer in their life at some point, and then “their body says, ‘Get out little tumor, get out! I will KEEL YOU! Your telomeres failed you!” (Direct quote from my roommate while we were discussing this article.)

Welp, I guess I’m just begging for cancer. Uh oh. On the upshot, party on May 28th!


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